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Pretty on the outside....DIFFERENT ON THE INSIDE's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Pretty on the outside....DIFFERENT ON THE INSIDE

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[04 Nov 2004|09:07pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey. new here.

-Im Besiana.
-Live in NY.
-go to an all girls school {although i dont think that was the required information.}

i like green day, taking back sunday, brand new, something corporate, hot rod circuit, the postal service, the killers, the stills, the beatles, the strokes, the cranberries and alot more than i would be able to name.

im wierd. just wierd. and underestimated. and i hate that.  physical appearance describes so little. but its ok., i guess.

 i love happy bunny, dark forests, sitting out on my fire escape at three in the morning, the city, the color black, and friends..

and she looks like..Collapse )

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[17 Jul 2004|09:01am]

[ mood | blah ]

Hi. I made a new community for all you cam-happy people. I need members, so anyone interested, please join rate_this =)
At least check it out.

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[22 Jun 2004|01:31pm]

make me smile

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there she goes..... [13 Jun 2004|09:06pm]

[ mood | in a dream world ]

pictures........finally :)Collapse )

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pshhhh [18 May 2004|09:25pm]

[ mood | spazzzzzy ]

hey there. I be kim....im 15....live in jersey...you know the armpit of america. Whats makes me unique...hmmm...im really random? I dont care what people think about me...im not in any type of genre....example...punk,emo,preppy,goth,nerd,mod....etc...Im just myself....and all my friends are different....so...i guess thats what makes me unique, that and the fact that im independent, and am totally different than everyone at my school. WOOOOOOO> sorry ADDDDDDD spaz. okay, im done. ilsdfnlkagsd so this community is NEAT-O aint it????? WAHHAAH...okay

eyyer. <3kimical

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im new [20 Nov 2003|10:24pm]
my name is kelli, i am 15 soon to be 16. i like metal and punk music mostly like: msi, pantera, slayer, nofx, the distillers, i like twiztid, korn, zug izland and many more. im into morbid poetry like Edward Gorey's work. i livin in warren michigan with my boyfriend and his parents. im into a lot of movies too like; chicago, rocky horry picture show, and harry potter. i like to skateboard and play my bass im in a band called short term memory of course im the bassist. i also like mmotley crue they are my gods!! so heres some new and old pictures...

pictures..Collapse )

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[13 Nov 2003|04:00pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

im new to lj,and dont know how to post pics,i will as soon as i find out how..cause every time i try to it doesnt work..someone help me with this? :x thx

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A little about me [24 Oct 2003|05:26pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Names Nicole. Age seventeen. From Philly. The things that make me different-*My upbringing : was abandoned by both my mother and father, then raised by my grandmom,then adopted.*I have severe depression*I cut my hair unlike anyone ive ever known. *Smashing Pumpkins are my favorite band.*I dont thrive on the pain of others*I am a genuine human being*If i could travel anywhere, id go to the moon or mars.Okay obviously as a person we have many layers and differences, i dont want to name all of them and dont think i could even if i tried. But i just wanted to let you know a tad about me. Wanna see my picture, add me to your friends list and check it out on my journal, and if you'd like to know more of my interests just check them out on my userinfo.

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[08 Oct 2003|12:07pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Lynnette/16/Lakeland, Florida
Short Red Hair/Hazel Eyes/5'6

I've been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disoder
I've got a love for psychology, photography, music, and vampires
I love cheesecake
I write everything from poems to books/stories... and
I can't think of much else right now...

a pic of me is here:

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two by two [07 Oct 2003|11:17pm]

1. jae zajac dellinger
2. five ten
3. boulder colorado
4. knee sock obsessed
5. oh, and pink tights
6. collects typewriters
7. and cats
8. bruises easily
9. etc, etc, etc

the sword of godCollapse )

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movin' like a movie [06 Oct 2003|06:34pm]

[ mood | awake ]

erica lynn. 16 years of age. sugarland, texas. type o blood. adopted. left handed.
haha..just filling you in. :]
I'm a bassist and I listen to thrash, grindcore, screamo, indie, ambient and new wave music. I'm a senior in high school where I'm a reporter for the yearbook and I can't wait to graduate...Texas isn't making my heartbeat like it used to.

lets be passionate...overloadCollapse )

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[06 Oct 2003|02:26pm]

this is a new community

5 people will be accepted by me then they vote on everyone else

i need a maintainer


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