When I Was A Little Stereo (bleedingscreams) wrote in uniqueskitzo,
When I Was A Little Stereo

im new

my name is kelli, i am 15 soon to be 16. i like metal and punk music mostly like: msi, pantera, slayer, nofx, the distillers, i like twiztid, korn, zug izland and many more. im into morbid poetry like Edward Gorey's work. i livin in warren michigan with my boyfriend and his parents. im into a lot of movies too like; chicago, rocky horry picture show, and harry potter. i like to skateboard and play my bass im in a band called short term memory of course im the bassist. i also like mmotley crue they are my gods!! so heres some new and old pictures...

these two are when i had my long natural hair..

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